Sunday, 7 August 2011

Statement from the John Brady Society Scotland

Tonight at 12 midnight, Republican POWs of Cogus and Cabhair in Maghaberry Gaol will begin a 48 hour hunger strike.
This was not an easy decision as some POWs suffer from health problems and a hunger strike may be dangerous to them.
Since the dirty protest began in Maghaberry most of those participating have had no visits, access to phones or access to mail.
The reason they are taking part in the 48 hour hunger strike is to highlight the current situation that they are facing from the British State.

This month marks one year since the August Agreement was met by POWs and gaol officials.
One year on we see POWs on Dirty Protest, POWs on a no shave protest and now we see POWs on a 48 hour hunger strike.

We call on all Republicans to do all you can to show your support for Irish Republican POWs, Everyone has a part to play and no part is too small.

John Brady Society Scotland


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